100% selection of non-compliant products

  • control with the use of measuring devices
  • full visual selection
  • control of the production line condition
  • verification of components' quality
  • checks of finished products
  • non-destructive control – minimising the risk of damage

Ongoing Repairs

Multi-year experience and the qualified staff equipped with necessary competences, knowledge, and tools allowing performance of ongoing repairs in the production lines. The scope of works covers both repairs of individual production and prefabricated elements.

How we work

  • customer needs analysis
  • development of the production standards book
  • ongoing work of the diagnostic team
  • verification of the technical conditions of products
  • ongoing repairs of production elements
  • summary report depending on the customer's requirements

What is the benefits?

  • minimising employment costs
  • optimising costs of production team training
  • lowering the time between ticket submissions and interventions or repairs
  • minimising the number of production errors
  • optimising the diagnostic process
  • lowering the costs of repairs
  • lowering the number of failures
  • liquidating or shortening stoppage times


Experience | Reliability | Precision

Our employees are experienced and qualified polish and italian staff who constantly develop and enhance their expertise.