About Company

Who We are

Multi-year experience has allowed building a team of competent and highly qualified professionals who not only follow the prevailing trends and technological changes, but also consistently improve their skills and expertise


Ital-Met Mancin I.M. Racing s.c. was established in 1998 as a result of combining the passion with multi-year experience in organising the work of the technical service operations from the automotive sector. Since the inception, the major goal that the founders of Ital-Met had, has been provision of comprehensive protection for process lines focused on execution of services or production for enterprises operating in the automotive industry, in both Poland and abroad.

Mision of the company

The main area of the company's business is organisation of work of the diagnostic supervision team and services. Ital-Met provides assistance in ongoing analysis of issues in a production line seeking to eliminate or repair productions that are not compliant with the quality standards. Our experience allows us not only to verify irregularities in production, but also to perform any required repairs on behalf of our customers.


Experience | Reliability | Precision

Our employees are experienced and qualified polish and italian staff who constantly develop and enhance their expertise.